An Orgasmic Intro Rated 237% On Rotten PotatoesEdit

Welcome to Leaf Hub for all your cancerous needs! If your name is not Calvin, you can kindly fuck off, because your mother never loved you. Now, please excuse me, I need to go smoke some weed with Billy The Fridge and Evalion.

The Governor Is An Alien RobotEdit

There was a dumbass who had the idea of making a Wikia in LeafyIsHere's honor, and his username was not xXplsfkmedady123Xx. This Wikia strictly takes advantage of information from Leafy's videos like that homeless guy wants to take advantage of Leafy himself. I will pray for you if you laugh at any of my pathetic lines on here, but your meat god will never forgive your non-pornographic sins. And I was totally joking, I don't pray for anyone, fuck religion, it hasn't helped me for shit.
Leafy Loves Bleach


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